Sugar Roasted Nuts

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Our roasted nuts are always a revelation for every taste bud

Roaset nuts are very enjoyable, refined with delicious caramel and chocolate is a real delicacy. Freshly candied almonds, walnuts, macadamias and cashews taste very delicious. Just reading this text will make any burned nut lover's mouth water. Buying burned nuts means enjoying delicious nuts refined with caramel, spicy and or chocolate. We also refine our tasty roasted nuts with many flavors such as woodruff, chilli, cinnamon, Nutella or Rafallelo-like. An absolute taste experience for every new taster, which we see again and again on the faces of our new future customers during the numerous tastings. This is what happened at the confectionery fair ISM in Cologne and at Tegut, Feinkost Böhm to name just a few.

Shop Fresh Roasted Nuts online 

You can simply order freshly roasted nuts from our online shop. In our shop you will find over 30 flavors and nuts such as roasted macadamias and walnuts. We pay attention to quality and only use selected ingredients such as Belgian chocolate candies. We have been burning our roasted nuts slowly and according to traditional handcraft tradition since 1861.

We work tirelessly and with love to ensure that our roasted nuts and almonds always taste fresh. Roasted almonds like at the Christmas market, our roasted nut specialties taste even better. Our customers say that again and again. Our well-known roasted nuts are slowly roasted in a copper kettle and then caramelized with sugar. In the second step, further ingredients are added to achieve our well-known high quality and taste

Order roasted nuts & for cooking, backing or in your muesli.

Whether as an evening snack or as a sweet meal in between on a stressful working day. Our roasted nuts in our beautiful resealable bags are always a good companion even for the small hunger in between.

Deliciously roasted nuts are ideal to ensure an eye-opening effect in the kitchen, catering or confectionery series. Our burned & sweet nuts are perfect for refining and decorating desserts such as cakes, ice cream, lettuce and pastries. But our chilli almonds or woodruff almonds and the other numerous flavors are also a feast for the eyes. We have special offers for gastronomy, catering and confectionery.

In the muesli, our roasted almonds and nuts are the icing on the cake. that makes the healthy and popular German breakfast even more delicious. So everyone looks forward to the morning and his healthy breakfast in the evening. Whether roasted almonds, walnuts, cashews, Brazil nuts or roasted macadamias. Here you can conjure up a meal that can already be described as the highlight of the morning.

Vegans are also catered for. At Brüder Grimms Nüsse you will also find vegan roasted nuts. You can find numerous vegan nut flavors here in the online shop. Our roasted nuts taste delicious and are fresh and healthy. Here you can snack on important unsaturated fatty acids, vital minerals and healthy vitamins. Who says you Don't snack healthy?